About the Market

Morris Area Farmers Market (MAFM) farmers, growers, producers and artisans sell their own products directly to the public, allowing customers to have a direct relationship with the producer of the items they purchase.  The market emphasizes quality, freshness and originality for the Morris community and surrounding area.

MAFM also receives support from:

Morris Healthy Eating Morris Healthy Eating

Morris Healthy Eating’s goal is to increase access to and consumption of fruits and vegetables, especially those that are locally grown, and other healthy foods among UMM students as well as residents of Morris and Stevens County.  It is the vision of Morris Healthy Eating to make fresh fruits and vegetables and other healthy foods the easy choice for people of all ages and incomes, for every meal every day.

Morris Healthy Eating is one of eight Healthy Eating Minnesota projects funded by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, a nonprofit independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.


Pride of the Prairie 

In 2007, Pride of the Prairie launched the Buy Fresh Buy Local campaign promoting the Upper Minnesota River Valley as a marketing strategy to increase access to sustainable locally produced foods in west central Minnesota. Pride of the Prairie is staffed by the U of M West Central Partnership.  The campaign represents:


Stevens Community Medical Center

Stevens Community Medical Center

Stevens Community Medical Center partners with the Morris Area Farmers Market, Morris Public Library, and Statewide Health Improvement Program to make the Power of Produce program possible at the market.  The Power of Produce is an interactive activity offered to children to learn about the health benefits of eating fruits and vegetables. Participants receive a $2 token, after they have completed the activity, that can be spent at the market in any way they choose! The Power of Produce is coordinated by SCMC’s registered dietitian Alyssa Thooft.

Statewide Health Improvement Program 

The Statewide Health Improvement Program sponsors the Morris Area Farmshiplogoers Market’s, Morris Market Bucks program.  This program allows EBT customers to show their EBT card at the MAFM
Healthy Eating booth to receive $10 in free Morris Farmers Market Bucks to spend on SNAP eligible items.  This program allows better access to healthy and fresh food for everyone in the Morris Community.  

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